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    Interior Designers Melbourne Provide Professional Assistance  You may be remodeling or redecorating your home. At times, the task can be overwhelming. It may be a good time to seek our professional help with your project. When looking for interior designers Melbourne, there are several issues to consider.  Experience  It is important to choose a service that has experience is decorating and design. Lucy & Steph have solid industry qualifications. We have vast experience in home design.  Portfolio  Take the time to study our portfolio. This will give you a good chance to see the type of work we do. Then you may wish to hire our services.  Other services  As professionals we provide many services. We have an online design service - so there may be no need to call us to your home. Your schedule may not contain normal hours. We will customize plans for you, based on the information that you send us.  Space plan layout  You may have no idea how to arrange the furniture in your home. As professionals, we have the experience to show you the best methods for getting the most from your available space.  Selecting paint colors  It is not as simple as dark or light. It is not as easy as red or blue choices. Whether you need color selections for a room or the entire home, our professional advice can make a big difference.  Lighting  There are many issues associated with lighting. Do you place pendant light fixtures on the ceiling? Maybe wall fixtures will work better. You may need special lighting for kitchen work areas. There are so many choices, it can be hard to choose. When you turn it over to a professional like us, you will receive different plans to illuminate your rooms. These plans will take all the necessary things into account.  Selecting the right furniture  It is not easy to select a room of furniture. It is even more difficult to select an entire house full of furniture. You need things that are functional and comfortable. At the same time, they need to blend in. As an experienced professional we can provide you with all the right options.  Window treatments  There are many things to know about window treatments. Some are good for saving energy. Some will let in the maximum amount of light. Others will make the room quieter. The right choices can make your home, an oasis from the outside world.  Summary  You may be decorating a room or an entire home. The task can sometimes be overwhelming. Professional interior designers Melbourne like Lucy & Steph can guide you through the process. Your home can be comfortable, functional, and beautiful.